New Collection on Feminist Mothering

Congratulations to Ta[l]king Care: Family Blog Lines co-author Fiona Green for her co-edited collection Coming into Being: Mothers on Finding and Realizing Feminism with Demeter Press.

The collection explores how becoming and being a mother can be shaped by – and interconnected with – how mothers realize feminism and/or become feminists. Becoming a mother may also lead to a questioning of current feminist priorities and practices, and a recognition of the need for, or even demand for, a mother-centred mode of feminism.

International contributors examine their complex experiences of unifying mothering and feminism through the experiences of motherhood. Their wide variety of texts explore unique discriminations and oppressions, as well as new challenges and possibilities through personal and scholarly essays, creative non-fiction, letters and Q and A style discussion, poetry, art, and photography.

Check it out!

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