Mothering and Motherhood on the Home/Front

By Fiona Green and Jaqueline McLeod Rogers

We’re excited to be presenting at this year’s IAMAS conference, Mothering and Motherhood on the Home/Front, which aims to “examine the importance of home, mothering, and motherhood in its multiple meanings.”

Our presentation “Parenting and technology in blog and book: contextualizing and Parenting/Internet/Kids in current scholarship and online” explores our journey as co-bloggers, scholars, mothers and authors. We share our humble beginnings with a misguided blog about our older teen and young adult children, shifting to survey research and creating an online space for parental and scholarly discussion around the ethics and complexities of privacy online, and . recently editing our collection Parenting/Internet/Kids: Domesticating Technologies. We end in the present moment of again encouraging community discourse around what sort of information can a blog pick up, if it successfully engages community voices? 


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