Playing Games With The Truth

By Noah Boonov

Have you ever played the game “Two Truths and a Lie”? You state two true statements and one lie about yourself. I might say: “I’ve been to Disney World, I’ve eaten moose, and I own a car.” Now you guess which one is the lie (Leave your guess in the comments)!

Okay, let’s try again.

I might say: “I think there is a God, the first moon landing was staged, and vaccines are beneficial”. Not so easy anymore, is it?

To some, truth is objective. They see most things in black and white. It happened or it did not. Others would say truth is subjective. Maybe, it depends on how you see things. Perceptions are influenced by our emotions, thoughts, beliefs. Truth can be unique to the individual. But lately, these lines have been blurred. It is almost as though truth is fact, whether it’s subjective or objective.

Truth can contain fact, and sometimes is influenced by belief.  So, who can we trust? Who decides what “The Truth” is? I guess everyone has a different definition of what truth is. My truth is different from your truth. I’ve had my truth questioned and I know for sure I’ve questioned other people’s truth. Are we capable of having healthy, open, non-judgemental conversations? In the age of social media, I’m not so sure.

Online, we can hide behind a screen, and no longer take responsibility for our words once they leave our fingertips. Online, we may only show a side of truth – the manipulated and curated kind. Individuals carefully pick and choose what to reveal to appeal to an audience. Many of us are unsure if these “truths” are fact or not, yet we continue to follow blindly.

So, which do you think was the lie?

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