thinking about the aggressive promise of ChatGPT

By Jaqueline McLeod Rogers

It’s coming. Actually it’s already come to the internet but there are glitches and limitations. Sometimes “ChatGPT is at capacity right now” –which means there are too many users to accommodate you on the site. There have also been comments on the inability of this AI chatbot to include important academic items such as bibliographic details or even fully accurate quotes.

But it can already do a lot of writing work. As to how to harness it for good, the question of how we might do so remains open. Once a technology is available, isn’t it a bit late to take control? Hasn’t it already changed the environment?

Younger children might be relieved of the pressure to read and write–especially if this activity does not come readily. We will see about changes to developmental habits regarding literacy and fluency. To say the chatbot is here to help us is likely looking in the wrong spot for assistance. It will bring changes to how we are human.

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