A scan of parenting tech blog posts

by Fiona Joy Green and Jaqueline McLeod Rogers

Scanning parenting tech blog posts….what came up first? So many monitized blogs promoting new products made it into top 10 lists directing readers to online blogs about parenting and technology. When we visited some of these sites, we were awed by the time and money devoted to their luxe design. The content seemed reminiscent of old-style glossy paper parenting magazines. Yet, we mark this style of blog as worth a second look. We shall have more to say in the next posts.

What we’re featuring today? Good old US based Pew Research Center continues to crank out articles based on public opinion polling, demographic research, media content analysis and empirical social science research. As we scanned this material, the homily that “you find what you’re looking for” came to mind. For example, they have strong positive response to the assertion that parents find children more entitled and less respectful. Our concern here is that polls run by Pew tend to test and confirm common-sense and circulating assumptions. In this process, nothing new comes to light.

Nonetheless, we provide a link to a recent article, “Parents’ attitudes – and experiences – related to digital technology”. We encourage you to see for yourself what they are asking and tracking in terms of social media patterns and parenting.

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