The Future of this Blog…

by Jaqueline McLeod Rogers and Fiona Joy Green

With changing knowledge circulation, we need to think about new next steps for reaching out to readers and online users to flag our book, Parenting/Internet/Kids: Domesticating Technologies.

Authors Angela and Andrew McGillivray with babyOwen, and co-editors Jaqueline McLeod Rogers and Fiona Joy Green.
Authors Matthew Flisfeder and Robyn Flisfeder.

Working with social media platforms to drive traffic to a site is labour intensive. What we want to do is think about how to join conversations, learn from others, and offer a link to our published research. This means our approach to blogging needs an update.

In the next weeks and blog posts, we’ll post some links to sites that may offer conversation and insight about parenting and tech. If we find places and sites of interest we’ll provide links.

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