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Parenting/Internet/Kids Hybrid Book Launch

Join us for hybrid Book Launch: Friday, Oct 7, 2022. 2:00-3:00 pm CT

In person: University of Winnipeg 2M70



2:00 Welcome, Fiona Joy Green and Jaqueline McLeod Rogers

2:10 Andrea O’Reilly, Demeter Press

2:15 Robyn Flisfeder and Matthew Flisfeder, “Bionic Parenting: On the Enabling Possibilities and Practices for Parenting with Digital New Media”

2:20 Astrid E. Joutseno, “Making Space and Time: Digital/Material Divisions and Maternal Life Writing”

2:25 Sucharita Sarkar, “No Forwards Please: Indian Mothers on School WhatsApp Group”

2:30 Victoria Bailey, “The Kids Bedrooms”

2:35 Carolin Aronis, “The Smartphone Camera & Reconstruction of ‘Good Motherhood’ in Digital Age”

2:40 Suzanne Kamata with daughter Lilia Kamata, “Enabled by the Internet: A Multicultural Mother & Daughter in Japan”

2:45 Andrew McGillivray and Angela McGillivray, “Parents, Technicians, Curators: Shrinking Space and Time in Early Parenthood

2:50 Q and A

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