SodaStream seems safe (Where’s it made? What does it replace? What niche/need create?)

by Fiona Joy Green

While recently hosting a small family get together and observing physical distancing and careful food sharing practices during these COVID-19 days, I realized how much I depend upon and find pleasure in my sodastream fizzy water maker. I love the sparkle it puts into my tap water and the instant refreshing feeling I experience with the first and then subsequent gulps. It also ensures I stay hydrated, which I didn’t realize until one of my guests said that she’d drunk more fizzy water in our 2- hour visit than liquid the entire day. She found it so refreshing and hydrating she pledged (and did) buy one. I also feel good about not filling the landfill, or burdening recycling plants with store bought plastic or glass bottles of fizzy water or other flavoured drinks.

If we buy this device and make our drinks, we are going into tech and stepping away from simpler water (which of course involves tech of multiple infrasturctures for purifying and delivering to homes). We are also stepping away from other –the array—of for-sale beverage products. We are cutting out support for ubiquitous Coca- cola product and empire, for example.

Stay tuned for a follow up where I report on who makes soda stream machines and what the company’s ethics look like!

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