Smart appliances be gone: BUT we still lean on other tools & media

by Jaqueline McLeod Rogers

I don’t have any smart gadgets in my kitchen and discourage acquisition. I’m a competitive person and want to be the smart one—at least in my kitchen!  It is also true the list of available gadgets is not too compelling at this stage. Check this out as a gadget for those with time on their hands (a cooker that helps you coordinate with Alexa to find recipes) :

It’s likely I nurture a sense that this attitude of refusal puts me on moral highground: it feels good to use a hand juicer (to twist the orange  halves and toss the emptied shells)  a wooden spoon to mix, and even damp cloths to dust: avoiding even old and established electronics like blenders, juicers,  vacuums and steam cleaners.

Because it was a gift, I toyed with google assistant for 2 months after Christmas—calling for her to find music and trivia until I pulled the plug after hearing several unsolicited directions and reminders (Out of the blue, she peeled out the question ”When should I remind you to go to the dry cleaners?” which was weird because I had no plans close to this).

But the ice cube maker,  attached to my fridge–what a favorite! I am devoted to it and devastated when it jams or gets itself snarled. BUT my question for myself here is not really a why question, but more of “why this one and not others?”  Loving this one really reveals a link of other products I like: cold water (refrigerated) and low-cal flavor squirts. I gravitated to these squirts as economical—zero cal and about 30 cups of water for about 4 bucks. So I chose my poison—better than soft drinks.

[I will look up /into the flavor squirt manufacture—and post what I find in the next few weeks. I fear it won’t be good (oooh those tiny plastic bottles!!]  

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