Media inventory and critique: What is gained and lost if I use_______?

by Fiona Joy Green and Jaqueline McLeod Rogers

We write this blog committed to working out (the changing/adapting) media values that guide our quotidian practices: not too much browsing or tv, limited or no social media, anti-consumerist activities (not new , but  re-used), following all the sign posts to doing the right thing.  Like many others, we are trying to behave in responsible /sustainable ways: Don’t make needless hate or waste; don’t waste time or support corporate manipulations. And so on.  

To better understand what we do, we are building a thread to inventory our favorite tools and gadgets and apps—electric/digital, even smart, support that make life better. We will ask the questions foundational to critique : what is gained and what is lost ; who gains something and who stands to lose something?

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