What’s up when you recognize privilege?

by Fiona Joy Green and Jaqueline McLeod Rogers

When we began writing a decade ago we were interested in joining a dialogue with mothers to share ideas instead of consulting the experts. Over the years, we had stopped blogging except to comment on our status as mothers of older children, to notice there was not much written from this parenting perspective.

Coming back to blogging to revitalize the site, we’re aware of putting our voices out during unprecedented and charged times. We’re not struggling to raise young children. As senior academics employed at a Canadian university, we have job security and personal security that many of our global colleagues don’t have. As white, cisgender, temporarily able-bodied middle-class women, we’re aware of our responsibility to work toward equity.

We’re creating this site not only to reflect upon our own circumstances but also to invite others to tell about their lives and the challenges of parenting.

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